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Our Universal Plan
19%   +   $1   (USD)

per successful appointment booking

Plus Payment Processing Fees

We've partnered with Stripe to process all of your payments needs. With Stripe Connect on Appoink, you can easily manage, monitor, accept or refund payments to your fans, yourself.

Please note that if you, as a creator, accept a booking from a fan and then decide to cancel the appointment, the total amount will be refunded to your fan but you won't be refunded any of the fees incurred from the booking.

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Allow your fans to self-schedule appointments with you

Accept or reject 1-on-1 appointments

Accept or reject 1-to-many (together) appointments

Accept or reject appointments based on your own rules

Meet your fans via Zoom or Google Meet Video Calls

Meet your fans in-person or by phone calls

Sync your Google calendar to avoid event conflicts

Offer unlimited appointment types for your fans

Reduce no-shows with automatic reminder alerts and texts

Eliminate confusion with automatic timezone conversions

Accept payments securely for each appointment booking

Eliminate confusion with automatic currency conversions

Receive payouts to your bank within a week or instantly

Accept payments in over 135+ local currencies

Receive payouts in your local currency

Display your logo, photos, bio and link on your profile

Reserve your own custom profile scheduling link, for e.g.

Example: An Appointment on Appoink

A fan pays you $100 USD for an appointment via Appoink.
The fan's payment card is a USD credit card.


Appoink will deposit $76.80 directly to your bank account.


Your receipt will show 2 fees of $23.20 in total:
↳ Stripe fees of $3.20 for payment processing.
↳ Appoink fees of $20 for appointment processing.

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